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Disney villain had secret Nightmare Before Christmas cameo

A classic Disney villain actually briefly appears in Christmas/Halloween movie Nightmare Before Christmas, did you spot them before?

Jack Skellington in Nightmare Before Christmas

If you thought Marvel movies were the main hub for random cameos, you are wrong. Long before MCU character Iron Man was even a glint in Kevin Feige’s eye, Disney movies had a habit of having some of their most beloved (and reviled) characters popping up in some of their other animated movies.


We had Toy Story character Jessie pop up in Monsters Inc, Tangled’s Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder showing up in Frozen, and poor ol’ Disney villain Scar showing up (kinda) in a morbid cameo for Hercules.

Now, as people proceed with their annual rewatch of Nightmare Before Christmas (it has Christmas in the title, so it’s definitely a Christmas movie), many have expressed surprise at another hidden cameo within the scary movie for kids.

As usual, we can thank an eagle-eyed Redditor for spotting this small cameo on the r/MovieDetails subreddit. His post contains a screenshot from the town meeting scene in the musical. If you look closely at the scene, which depicts Jack Skellington telling everyone about Christmas Town, you can spot a cloaked woman next to the Grim Reaper.

YouTube Thumbnail

The Queen, who is in her ‘witch’ form in this scene, is recognisable enough with her ragged appearance and malevolent eyes from the original film — but what really gives it away is the fact she’s holding a red apple, just like the one she gave Snow White.

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