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It’s official, this is the worst DC movie, and it’s not Green Lantern

When it comes to the worst DC movie of all time, there are plenty of contenders. But the actual answer isn't what you might think it is.


DC and Warner Bros have definitely produced some stinkers over the years. Although you’ve got high highs with Batman Returns and Superman, you’ve got some real low lows, but the actual worst might be surprising.

Plenty of DCU movies have been awful — with 2023 movies The Flash and Shazam 2 exemplifying perfectly why the DC Extended Universe had to die. But while it’s impossible to ignore the relentless mediocrity of the worst movies in the DCEU, we have to go back a little earlier in time to find the worst superhero movies of them all. Just don’t tell Barry Allen.

According to review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, there isn’t just one worst DC movie of all time… there aretwo. Both Catwoman (2004) and Supergirl (1984) win this unfortunate accolade because they share the same measley, 8% Rotten Tomatoes score. Comparatively, with a 25% score, Green Lantern seems like a work of art.

But why did these films score so low? While Halle Berry’s portrayal of Catwoman was praised in the self-titled fDC movie, her strong performance alone couldn’t stop the film from being “laughably” bad.

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Meanwhile, Helen Slater’s portrayal of Supergirl wasn’t even enough for critics to take notice, with the consensus seeming to be that the thriller movie was uninteresting and tame.

We can only hope that Chapter 1 Gods and Monsters never sinks to these depths again, and given James Gunn made the best movies in the MCU with the Guardians of the Galaxy, having him at the helm of DC gives the fledging franchise a fighting chance. For more on DC, check out our guides to the best DC characters, best DC villains, and Superman Legacy.