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Wonder Woman 3 script is being written, says Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins have offered an update on Wonder Woman 3 from London, where Gadot is currently filming the live-action Snow White.

Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins have offered an update on Wonder Woman 3, saying “we’re talking and in the mix of working on the script.” Gadot is currently working on the live action Snow White movie in London, in which she plays the Evil Queen. And in a recent interview for Forbes (which is primarily about Mac ‘n’ Cheese), Gadot revealed that Jenkins was visiting her.

Jeff Conway, writing in Forbes said; “When I finally decided to bring up Wonder Woman during our phone conversation, Gadot surprised me by letting me know that her ‘best friend from LA’ is visiting her in London and is actually sitting right next to her, which turned out to be none other than Jenkins.”

Jenkins said; “We can’t wait to get the next movie out.” And Gadot quickly followed up with; “We’re talking! We’re actually in the mix of working on the script and getting the third one made, so it’s all wheels are working and turning. I’m super, super excited for the fans to come and watch Wonder Woman 3 once it’s made.”

While we don’t know much about the third movie yet, we do know that seventies Wonder Woman actress Lynda Carter will have an expanded role, after appearing in a post-credits cameo at the end of Woman Woman 1984. The timeline of when Wonder Woman 3 may now go into production is also up in the air, but it does seem as though Jenkins’ planned Star Wars project will no longer be an issue in terms of holding things up.

Jenkins has joined and left several different projects since making Wonder Woman 1984, including Cleopatra, which will star Gadot. It remains to be seen if Rogue Squadron, her planned Star Wars movie, will ever happen.

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