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Flash fans think they’ve spotted secret villain in new trailer

Flash fans think they've spotted secret villain lurking in the shadows of the new trailer

The Flash secret villain: Barry's new suit

We had our first look at The Flash movie at DC FanDome, and it looks like the Scarlet Speedster's solo DCEU movie will be pretty special. There's dimensional travel, a new super suit for The Flash, and Michael Keaton's back as Batman, but in all the excitement, we might have missed something.

During the teaser, we get a shot of Ezra Miller's Barry Allen, aka The Flash, Superwoman (Sasha Calle), and a second Barry Allen? Of course, with Barry reportedly travelling the multiverse, it makes sense that he'd run into alternate versions of himself. Some fans, however, think Flash's doppelganger might be someone far more nefarious, The Reverse-Flash.

The Reverse-Flash, Barry's arch-nemesis, is a warped mirror to The Flash. In the comics, he's called Eobard Thrawne and is a time traveller from the far-flung future. Thrawne became so enamoured with The Flash he recreated the accident that gave Barry his powers and got plastic surgery to look exactly like his hero. Using his new speed, he travelled back in time to meet his idol but, upon arriving in the 21st Century, was driven mad by the reveal that he was destined to become Barry's most hated foe.

Fans are speculating that this mysterious Barry clone may be the DCEU’s version of the character, eschewing the convoluted time travel backstory for an even more complicated multiversal origin.

The Reverse-Flash plays a major role in the Flashpoint story that the Flash movie is believed to be inspired by essentially serving as the book’s villain. His absence from the movie has been quite conspicuous but maybe the dastardly villain’s hiding in plain sight.

The Flash races into theatres on November 4, 2022. If you want more speedster action check out our guide on how to watch the Arrowverse in order.