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The Batman logo generator inspires creativity (and memes, mostly memes)

Fans have been keeping themselves entertained with a logo generator for The Batman, which features Twilight star Robert Pattinson, ahead of its release

the batman logo twitter

After what feels like forever, the release date of the detective movie, The Batman, is very nearly upon us. The thriller, which was directed by Matt Reeves, marks a departure from the DC Extended Universe with The Batman existing in its own universe in similar vein to 2019’s horror movie Joker, which saw Joaquin Phoenix play the role of the classic Batman villain. This time, Robert Pattinson, who is known for his role in romance movies like Twilight, is set to play Bruce Wayne. 

As anticipation builds over Pattinson’s debut for the Caped Crusader (or not, depending on how committed you are to him starting an arthouse porn career), Twitter user ‘The Art of the Batman’ has given fans the chance to customise their own text Batman-style.

The user shared the website, which is free to use, in a tweet on February 27, writing: “You can now write your own name in the style of The Batman’s logo!” According to the user, the site was created by Sajid Hasan, a young programmer based in Bangladesh. How did it go giving users this kind of freedom, you ask? Well, exactly how you would expect it to.

The replies and quote tweets were definitely colourful, but along with the obvious jokes about genitals (luckily, writers at The Digital Fix would never resort to tweeting such filth), some of our personal highlights include a recreation of the meme ‘loss’,  ‘Team Edward,‘ ‘Ratio‘ and a (sus) recreation of an Among Us crewmate.

Other users couldn’t help but make other movie references, asking about the tragedy of Darth Plageius the Wise and that eponymous question: ‘No bitches?‘To the dismay of Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck, one user wrote ‘Martha‘ Bat-style, to which another user replied: ‘Why would you say that name?

Hopefully, this is enough to keep fans entertained until the action movie is released in theatres on March 4. It’s entertaining us, at least.