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Lucifer season six premiere date revealed at Comic-Con @ Home

The king of Hell will soon return for a new series

The king of Hell will soon return for a new series. The cast and crew of Lucifer were all at Comic-Con this weekend, and they finally shared the release date of Lucifer season six. The final season will debut on September 10 on the streaming service Netflix.

A short minute-long teaser that Netflix captioned: “All bad things must come to an end” dropped online while they made the announcement. In the trailer, Lucifer (Tom Ellis) can be seen driving around LA with reckless abandon. It then cuts to a montage of clips from the first five seasons before cutting back to the Devil as a cop pulls him over. Apologising to the officer, Lucifer says: “it’s his last night in LA.”

Based on the DC Comics character created by Neil Gaiman, Sam Kieth, and Mike Dringenberg, Lucifer Morningstar was first introduced in The Sandman. The character proved popular, however, and was given his own spin-off series title, Lucifer. The TV series based on that spin-off sees Lucifer abandon Hell for Los Angeles, where he runs his own nightclub named Lux before becoming a consultant for the LAPD.

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The fifth season’s dramatic finale saw Lucifer accidentally become God (it happens) after sparing his brother Michael. When asked if this will change the show’s dynamic in the sixth season, and if Lucifer will still be helping the LAPD with their cases, Ellis said: “Oh, I think it’s in his DNA now. There may be the odd thing to solve, but he’s got a lot of mysteries to solve, to be honest, in Season 6.”

Season 6 will be Lucifer’s final season, although there were rumours that a ‘surprise’ seventh season was in the works. Series showrunner Joe Henderson shut down the possibility earlier this week when a fan asked him if they were going to announce one more run on the popular show, Henderson replied: “Ha! I can confirm that ain’t happening.”

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