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James Gunn debunks wild Suicide Squad 3 casting rumour

James Gunn has come forward to shut down the rumour mill on the speculated DC movie Suicide Squad 3, in short, don't believe the hype, folks

Harley Quinn in The Suicide Squad

James Gunn, who directed one of the best DC movies yet, The Suicide Squad, has come forward to shut down some nonsense. The Suicide Squad told the story of a bunch of villains forced to save the world, and was the stand-alone sequel to David Ayer’s 2016 action movie Suicide Squad.

Unlike Ayer’s flick, though, critics and fans alike loved Gunn’s 2021 take on the criminal crew. Still, despite the hype, no announcements for a sequel have been made by Warner Bros yet. That fact, however, hasn’t stopped some fans of the DCEU from making pretty wild claims about the cast and crew of the ‘sequel, and Gunn has now had to officially set the record straight.

The rumour mill has been turning with people claiming that Suicide Squad 3 has its story mapped out, and that Will Smith will be cast as Floyd Lawton (aka Deadshot). Other rumours have even said that David Ayer, who directed Smith in the first Suicide Squad movie in 2016, is the front runner for the role of director, meaning he would be replacing Gunn, who took over the series reigns in 2021.

However, Gunn has now taken to social media to clear up all the speculations. According to the director, who responded to a fan’s query if there were any truths in these claims, he confirmed that none of these rumours are real.

Check out the Tweet below:

Even without Gunn speaking up on the matter, these rumours are pretty transparent as fake. As we mentioned above, no announcement for a sequel to The Suicide Squad has been made by DC or Warner Bros. Instead, the studio is focused on its spin-off Suicide Squad TV series, such as Peacemaker, and the untitled Amanda Waller series. Will Smith hasn’t been cast in either of these projects.

So, it is time to put all the Deadshot rumours to bed, friends. Gunn’s next film (which is indeed real) will be the Marvel movie Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, which is set to hit theatres on May 5, 2023.