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Batman has a connection to Santa Claus that’s completely absurd

Batman and Santa Claus don't have much in common, except that they're not both DC characters thanks to an amazing new festive comic.

Robert Pattinson's Batman and Santa Claus

Many people have influenced Batman‘s life, including none other than Saint Nicolas. Yes, the festive gift-giver himself actually gave Gotham’s protector some tips once upon a time. At least, that’s what a new miniseries reveals.

Don’t expect Santa Claus to show up in the DCU or any upcoming DC movies soon, but he’d be a good fit in Gotham City going by Batman – Santa Claus: Silent Knight from Jeff Parker, Michele Bandini, Alex Sinclair, and Pat Brosseau. In the miniseries, Santa travels to Gotham to help find a mysterious new killer, and the honorary DC character quickly runs into the Bat-Family.

In their initial encounter, including Zatanna and Robin, Santa and Batman reveal that they’ve got a history. “I’ve followed your exploits,” Santa says, the big, black Bat replying: “We met during my years abroad. He showed me a few things I still use.”

A Batman movie covering Bruce’s absolutely ridiculous gap year when? We’d watch it. C’mon James Gunn, you already gave the MCU a Christmas movie, now you have your DCU one as well.

Batman and Santa Clause

Funnily enough, Santa is already part of Marvel canon too. He’s the most powerful mutant in the world, according to the Marvel Holiday Special from 1991. He should probably get his own X-Men movie then, too. We need more superhero movies with Santa Claus, is what I’m saying.

Yes, we have Batman Returns, the ultimate goth Christmas movie, but that doesn’t have good old Saint Nick, and it’s not exactly happy either. Something that gets a little magical, rather than looking at how Christmas is actually quite depressing, is what I’m looking for.

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I won’t hold my breath. In the meantime, I’ll be reading Santa Claus: Black Knight with glee. Have a look at our guides to the Batman 2 release date and the Brave and the Bold release date for when the Dark Knight is coming back to the big screen. We have a list of the best Christmas horror movies, too, if you want something dark for under the Christmas tree.