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How to watch Crimes of the Future – can you stream the horror movie?

David Cronenberg's new horror movie is finally arriving to UK theatres, and we can tell you exactly how to watch Crimes of the Future

Viggo Mortensen in Crimes of the Future

How can you watch Crimes of the Future? David Cronenberg has a new horror movie, and it might shock you to hear this, but it involves a love of gore and weird technology. We know, really leftfield for him right?

Kristen Stewart and Viggo Mortensen star in the science fiction movie, as performers who conduct physical operations on each other to a live audience. In this future, surgery has become the new sex, and a number of evolutionary and biological changes have allowed for more bodily exploration than every before. Stewart and Mortensen’s characters take us on an odyssey through their particular circus of the flesh, promising all the delights you’d expect from Cronenberg.

Since debuting at film festivals this year, the drama movie has gradually opened in various countries. Where can you watch Crimes of the Future? That can be a question much of the internet provides no easy answer for. We’ve flayed the skin of the information superhighway to give you the truth on a silver platter though. Maybe don’t touch the walls.

How can you watch Crimes of the Future?

You can see Crimes of the Future in UK theatres on September 9. This follows a limited release in the United States back in June 2022, coming from the premiere at Cannes Film Festival.

Though Cronenberg’s latest production is getting a wide release across Britain, it’s best to check your local listings to make sure the film’s available. This isn’t your typical studio fare, and some cineplexes mightn’t have a huge amount of options for you, so always peruse their website and timetable for more.

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Can you stream Crimes of the Future?

Crimes of the Future isn’t streaming anywhere yet. Right now, it’s just available on VOD through Amazon Prime Video, but we suspect more options are coming once it’s had a big screen push in all major territories.

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What streaming service and when is another question. Could be anywhere, really, and at any time. We’ll keep our eyes peeled, and in the meantime, check your local cineplex for Cronenberg’s latest feast for the senses.