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Charlie Day confirms he was electrocuted in Pacific Rim

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia star Charlie Day has confirmed in an interview that he was in fact electrocuted on the set of Pacific Rim.

charlie day

It looks like Charlie Day was accustomed to ‘Charlie Work’ long before his stint at Paddy’s Pub. The comedy movie actor revealed in an interview that while filming for Pacific Rim, the classic action movie directed by Guillermo del Toro, he was actually electrocuted.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Day, who played Newton Geszler in del Toro’s sci-fi movie, said that while he “can’t say without a shadow of a doubt” that he experienced electric shocks when filming for the movie, it was probably likely. “[W]henever I was wearing that glowing helmet thing, I felt some sort of sharp edge that was cutting my ear,” he said. “So I could never find what it was, but I didn’t want to seem like a whiny actor, so I never said anything to anyone. And I just love and admire Guillermo so much that I didn’t want to slow things down. So I just kept shooting.”

He continued, “But then there was a scene where Burn Gorman put it on, and Burn had the good sense to realise that the sharp edge was actually an electric current. The second he put it on, he said, “Oh, it’s shocking me!” and I thought to myself, “So that’s what that is.” But it was a mild shock. Nothing too crazy.”

They say that Hollywood actors are often removed from real-world experiences, but the idea of being too awkward to tell your boss that you were literally being electrocuted to avoid looking annoying kind of sounds like something I would do.

You can watch Charlie Day in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, which is available on streaming service Netflix.