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Brad Pitt’s action movie Bullet Train is influenced by Jackie Chan

Bullet Train, an upcoming action movie starring Brad Pitt, was influenced by the legendary martial arts work of Jackie Chan, says director

Brad Pitt in Bullet Train, Jackie Chan in Rumble in the Bronx

Bullet Train is a new action movie starring Brad Pitt, and it’s got its influences in check. Director David Leitch, who’s one of the filmmakers behind John Wick, has spoken on his aspirations, and there’s one martial artist in particular he had in mind.

Jackie Chan, a legend who’s been involved in countless thriller movies, was someone in the back of Leitch’s mind. Chan’s early work in particular is still beloved for its speed, comedic timing, and genuine snese of character, which Leitch is keen to tap into. “[There’s] a little bit of physical comedy,” Leitch tells Empire. “The fights are designed to enhance the characters. We’re here to have fun in this super-contained space.”

As the title implies, Bullet Train takes place entirely within the confines of a high-speed cross-country train, travelling from Tokyo to Kyoto. Pitt is Ladybug, an assassin who must retrieve a briefcase that’s onboard the transport. He’s not the only hired gun interested, though, and, well, you can figure out how it’ll all go down from there.

We got the first trailer for Bullet Train earlier this eyar, and it looks like a stylish, explosive affair. Not that we’re surprised, this is one of the co-directors of John Wick, after all.

Stahelski has plenty of experience besides, having made Deadpool and Fast and Furious movies in the past. The rest of the cast includes Sandra Bullock, Joey King, Michael Shannon, Aaron-Taylor Johson, Hiroyuki Sanada, and more, making Bullet Train sound quite enticing indeed.

We don’t have long to wait either – Bullet Train opens in theatre July 29, 2022.