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Brendan Fraser refused George of the Jungle 2 due to physical demands

George of the Jungle 2 was a flop, and partly that was due to Brendan Fraser being recast. Here's why the actor really refused to return.

Brendan Fraser as George in George of the Jungle

Brendan Fraser declined to return as George in the sequel to George of the Jungle, after finding the first adventure movie too physically demanding.

George of the Jungle, the comedy movie spoof of Disney’s Tarzan, was Fraser’s first box office success, and it was one of the movie’s that helped cement the actor as a leading man in Hollywood. Eventually, this led to the actor fronting the classic action movie The Mummy.

However, his role in the movie had its downsides too. The actor has spoken about how difficult it was to get into the studio’s desired physical shape for George in the Jungle, and he even explained that the movie, as well as his other physical roles, led to him needing several surgeries.

And, it turns out, that was a major reason why the actor refused to reprise his role as George in George in the Jungle 2. After years of stunt work and other physically demanding roles, it’s reported that the actor simply didn’t want to put himself through the physical stress again. It’s also reported that the studio weren’t sure themselves whether they wanted Fraser to return or not, due to his salary demands.

Brendan Fraser as George in George of the Jungle

As it turns out, the movie was a flop so it’s not as if Fraser missed out on an excellent opportunity. George was recast, with Christopher Showerman taking on the role in Fraser’s place.

The ’90s movie star is currently experiencing a ‘Brenaissance’, and after a period where his career faltered due to an unfortunate combination of circumstances, the actor is back as one of Hollywood’s leading stars. His role in the upcoming drama movie The Whale has been tipped as an early Oscar contender, and he’s also set to star in the latest Martin Scorsese movie.

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