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Breaking Bad creator making new TV series for Apple TV

Vince Gilligan and Rhea Seehorn are continuing their Better Call Saul relationship in a new drama series going to Apple TV after a big bidding war

Rhea Seehorn in Better Call Saul

Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul co-creator Vince Gilligan is re-teaming up with Better Call Saul star Rhea Seehorn for a new drama series at Apple TV. Apple are so confident in the project that they’ve already given it a two-season order before a pilot has been shot.

Breaking Bad ran from 2008-2013 and became a cultural phenomenon, which has arguably only increased in the years since. It starred Bryan Cranston as a high school chemistry teacher who turns to crime (specifically, cooking meth) to fund his cancer treatments. It co-starred Aaron Paul as his former student turned partner-in-crime.

Better Call Saul is a Breaking Bad spin-off that ran from 2015-2022. It starred Bob Odenkirk as crooked lawyer Jimmy McGill and Rhea Seehorn as his fellow lawyer and lover Kim Wexler. Several other Breaking Bad cast-members, such as Jonathan Banks, Michael Mando, Giancarlo Esposito, and Mark Margolis also crossed over to the spin-off. Little is known about the new series, other than it being a “blended, grounded genre drama” according to Deadline.

Gilligan prompted a bidding war for his new show, with eight or nine streamers networks and streamers vying over the scripts. The budget is reportedly going to be in the $15 million per episode range, which is very high for a drama. Only some rarefied science fiction and high fantasy shows such as Rings of Power and The Mandalorian have slightly bigger budgets than this.

“After 15 years, I figured it was time to take a break from writing antiheroes… and who’s more heroic than the brilliant Rhea Seehorn? It’s long past time she had her own show, and I feel lucky to get to work on it with her,” said Gilligan. It is believed that the show will be a departure from the world of crime, including gangsters, violence, drugs and bent lawyers that Gilligan has been swimming in.

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