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Better Call Saul wins zero Emmys for the sixth year in a row

Despite being heralded as one of the best TV series of recent years, Better Call Saul still hasn't won a single Emmy, despite being nominated many times

Bob Odenkirk in Better Call Saul

After the incredible success of Breaking Bad, few would have expected a continuation of that universe to be anywhere near as successful as the Better Call Saul TV series has been. However, despite rave reviews over the years, the drama series just cannot seem to catch a break at the Emmys.

Since first airing in 2015, Better Call Saul has been a hit of the modern television era. The lead performances of Bob Odenkirk and Rhea Seehorn have garnered widespread praise, as has the writing and more technical elements of the show.

Despite all this, the spin-off series has once again come home empty-handed as the winners of the Emmys 2022 were announced on September 12.

Better Call Saul has received 46 nominations from the major awards body, being recognised in six of the last seven years of the ceremony. Incredibly, the show has never won a single award.

A quick look at the Better Call Saul IMDb page will show you all the various nominations it has received through the years, ranging from acting categories, to editing, writing, and sound awards.

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It’s hard to think of any TV show in recent times which has been so widely popular among audiences and critics yet has struck out at every single opportunity when it comes to awards recognition.

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