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Bill Hader lost a job because he spoiled this James Cameron movie

SNL alum Bill Hader has no shortage of opporunities after Barry, but he did lose one job back in the day after spoiling the ending of this James Cameron movie.

Bill Hader in Barry season 4

After a long stint on SNL and Emmy-winning run on the drama series Barry, actor and director Bill Hader has many paths in front of him now that he’s a known ace behind and in front of the camera.

Hader, like many comedic talents, worked his way up through the improv scene before landing big gigs and did odd jobs along the way.

It wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows, however, and he actually once got fired because he spoiled the ending of one of the best James Cameron movies.

On The Howard Stern Show, Hader recalled being fired from his movie theatre job after spoiling Leonardo DiCaprio‘s tragic demise at the end of the romance movie Titanic, “I got fired for giving away the ending of Titanic to a Sorority.”

“They were being assholes to me and I told them the whole ending to the whole theatre. And I go ‘the boat sinks, Leo dies at the end’ and they go ‘no, he doesn’t,’ and I go ‘it’s great, you think he’s sleeping but he’s frozen.'”

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This is ringingly majorly of the infamous MCU Taylor Swift fan account tweet, “Since y’all wanna be assholes for Taylor. Iron man dies in endgame”.

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