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The best Halloween costumes for couples inspired by film and TV

A range of Halloween couples costumes from some of the best film and TV franchises

Two people, one dressed like Godzilla, the other like King Kong.

We’re deep into the spooky season, and with only a couple of weeks until October 31st, you and your partner might be tempted to resort to a Squid-Games-esque hoodie and some geometric face tape for your Halloween costume. But wait – with so many iconic screen duos to choose from, why not go for a couples’ costume that will stand out this year? From the DCU to some classic Nineties sci-fi, we’ve rounded up our favourite complementary costumes to get your inspiration going.

Though there are some opposite sex pairings in this article and some sex same pairings, that doesn’t mean that we’re recommending them exclusively to opposite or same sex couples exclusively – every recommendation in the article is for every couple. Don’t feel left out if you’re single, either: go ahead and use one of these ideas with a friend! Halloween is a great time to experiment with your new alter ego.

These ideas aren’t necessarily all couples, but they are well-known pairs of characters. Some of them are bitterest enemies, others are iconic duos, and others are pairings so wrong, they just seem right.

Here are our couples costume ideas:


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Godzilla and King Kong

One was a giant gorilla who was kidnapped from his home on Skull Island. One was a giant dinosaur who was thawed from an iceberg by a nuclear explosion. It’s like it was meant to be. These two may not be lovers (except in some pretty NSFW fan fiction) but that’s OK. Though their on-screen meetings have always ended in violence, they actually have a lot in common: both of them have origin stories which revolve around the selfish, destructive side of humanity, and, more importantly as Halloween costume candidates, both of them are giant monsters

It’s a shame that they can’t put aside their differences and work together to eliminate the scourge of the human race. A thousand years from now the world could be at peace, populated entirely by giant gorillas and giant dinosaurs. So when you and your partner dress as Godzilla and King Kong this Halloween, you can tell people that you’re doing it to symbolise your hope for world peace.

These inflatable costumes will keep your identities a secret all night long, but may also prevent you snacking on candy corn (and only you can decide whether that’s good or bad).

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Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy

Harley and Joker? That’s so played out. Harley and Ivy is where it’s at. The Joker was abusive as heck and drove her insane. Ivy? Now that’s a nurturing, loving relationship (as far as maniacal supervillain relationships go anyway). Who wouldn’t want to go as one of the best power couples in the DC Universe this Halloween? One of you represents the beauty and complexity of the human mind, while the other represents the splendor and might of nature – what a duo. A dynamic duo, you could say (move over, Batman and Robin). Quite a diabolical pairing for Halloween night.

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Deadpool and Death

Though it has thus far not been included in the exceptional run of Deadpool movies, the Deadpool of the comics actually has an ongoing romance with none other than the embodiment of Death herself. Of course, the ultimate irony is that the man who can’t die should fall in love with Death. It’s a fun and quirky costume idea which not a lot of people are likely to go for.

If you wanted to mix it up and have Wanda Wilson (a.k.a. Lady Deadpool) with a male or female version of Death, you could do that too. Or you could keep it as Wade Wilson. Whatever iteration you choose, be sure to top the night off with some Halloween chimichangas.

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Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farah-Fowler

Let’s take a step away from the superhero universes for a second and instead take a look at some f people who are fans of the superhero universes: the characters of The Big Bang Theory. A lot of people may knock this show, but it does one thing very well: the relationship between Sheldon and Amy.

Often regarded as the show’s best-written characters, Sheldon and Amy demonstrate one of the few on-screen meaningful romantic relationships which isn’t sex-oriented. Isn’t that sweet? Just wear a long-sleeved shirt under a Flash shirt for Sheldon and a buttoned up cardigan with glasses for Amy. If you’re looking for easy Halloween costumes without all the bells and whistles, this pair could be the winner.


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Rick and Morty

If you think romantic couples’ costumes are played out, then oh boy, have we got an idea for you this grandfather-grandson duo is pretty easy to recreate, as all you need is a lab coat over a grey turtleneck for Rick and a yellow shirt with dark blue trousers for Morty and that’s it! You might also want to try using some hair gel to capture Rick’s crazy hair.

Plus, if you’re feeling the creative pickle juices flowing, you can add some accessories and become one of the multiverse iterations of either character. Don a broad-brimmed hat and some dungarees along with a plastic gun, and you’ve got Farmer Rick. Throw in an eyepatch, and boom: evil Morty. Better yet, get a group together and go as all of them!

(Also, if you dress as Rick nobody will be able to tell you off for being too drunk, because Rick is always drunk. It’s just part of the costume. Geez. No, you don’t need to call my mom.)


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Han Solo and Princess Leia

This is the ideal costume for couples who feel uncomfortable about saying “I love you.” Of course, another equally viable pairing would be Han and Chewie, but this might be the less sweaty choice for anybody who doesn’t want to spend the night in a furry beast costume. Still, I’m sure there are some people who’d rather be a furry beast than a space princess. To each their own. Either way, if you want to represent Star Wars this Halloween, this may be the way to go. Find Han, Leia and Chewie costumes below:

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Kirk and Spock

One of the best duos in science fiction. Star Trek has given has tonnes of great characters and pairings through the years, but the relationship between Kirk and Spock is one that fascinated people since the first series aired. Though we’re sure that some of you will have the awkward situation of having to decide who’s going to be Kirk and whoever’s going to be Spock, whichever of you is the Spock can settle things with a Vulcan nerve pinch. Sadly, they don’t do the outfits that they wore in the early movies (that red with those turtlenecks – gosh) but these Original Series uniforms are as slick as they are iconic.



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Mulder and Scully

I want to believe… that you can really pull off the Mulder and Scully couples costume, and I’m sure you can. This is another relatively easy one, in that all you really need to do is wear a suit each. Although you should really add a cross necklace if you’re Scully, as you’ve got to get those little details right. This is another ideal choice for those who may feel self conscious about getting dressed up in a more outlandish costume.

If you encounter anybody sharing gossip at a Halloween party, the Mulder can believe every single word of it unequivocally and the Scully can deny everything. Even if she has evidence right in front of her. If you see anyone in an alien costume, the Mulder of the two can instantly take this as evidence of extraterrestrial life, while the Scully can point out that it’s clearly a man in a costume. But wait, didn’t the government actually do that as part of a conspiracy in one X-Files episode? When you debunk a conspiracy, you just find another one underneath! How deep does this go?