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Best Cyber Monday TV deals are live for 2023

The best Black Friday TV deals have already started this year. We'll have all the highlights from now until the main event at the end of November.

Cyber Monday TV deals written on a tile in front of a picture of TVs.

The best Black Friday TV deals are over for another year, but Cyber Monday deals have already gone live at major retailers for November 27. If anything, the prices are just as good, if not a little better as we come into the Holiday season.

Even the best movies and TV series can be ruined by a sub-par television. These deals below allow you to welcome the latest technology into your home while saving a little, too. Whether you want a basic, budget TV or a smart 4K model, these are the best TV deals right now.

Best Cyber Monday TV deals

The Cyber Monday deals are finally here, and these are the top retailers for shopping if you want to get to them quickly.

When is Black Friday 2023?

This year, Black Friday took place on November 24. The vast majority of sales have lasted the whole weekend. On November 27, the Cyber Monday sales will also begin.

Is it better to wait until Black Friday to buy a TV?

For most people, the answer will be yes. If you are someone for whom money is no object, then there’s no reason not to just buy the most impressive model at any point. For everyone else, the significant sales of Black Friday season make it much easier to buy one during that time of year.

What to avoid when buying a new TV

If you’re buying a new television this Black Friday, you should look carefully at the amount that’s being reduced. One TV that’s being reduced by 50% might look more appealing than one that’s reduced by 20%, but keep in mind that you might actually be saving more with one that has a smaller reduction, simply because the price varies so much and the truly high-end TVs will never be discounted by such a large percentage.

Other than that, the biggest thing to look out for is measurements. Nobody wants to find themselves in a situation where they’ve bought a massive new TV that won’t fit in the same place as their old one. Carefully measure them up, and you should be absolutely fine.

How to get the best Black Friday deals

If you want to make sure you don’t miss out on any tantalizing deals this Black Friday, keep checking back to this page and we’ll point you towards the most exciting reductions. We also have pages for entertainment deals and headphone deals if you want to find more than a cheap TV this year.

If you need a bit of help deciding which TV will be right for you, take a look at our buying guide on the best TVs for some insights.