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Avatar re-release has Avatar 2 mid-credits scene

The re-release of the original Avatar in theatres ahead of the sequel coming out, has a mid-credits scene with footage of the upcoming movie

Avatar 2009

A remastered version of James Cameron’s last movie – 2009’s Avatar – has been released in cinemas ahead of The Way of Water coming out in December. And unsurprisingly, a tease for the long-awaited sequel has been added on, as a mid-credits scene.

Speaking to the New York Times recently, Cameron emphasised that the re-release looks different to how we’ve seen Avatar before; “It was a real pleasure to watch it, in its fully remastered state, a few weeks ago with my kids, because they had only ever seen it on streaming or on Blu-ray. And they got to see it in 3-D, at good light level and projection levels, for the first time.”

And early audience reactions have been positive, and it’s had the desired effect of generating excitement for the sequel. Twitter user Ryan Unicomb said; “Not sure why they’re not advertising it, but Avatar Remastered is actually a different cut of the film. New shots and a new scene to set up for Avatar: The Way Of Water PLUS a 4 minute end credit scene. Incredible.”

He followed this up with; “[They have] reworked one of the final scenes with some new/alternate footage to set up the unfinished resolution with the RDA. Also has entire scene from Way of Water mid-credits.”

Another Twitter user said; “Just saw the re-release of Avatar and I’m glad I stayed because I saw some scenes from Avatar: The Way of Water and it was soooo goood. I can’t wait for December!”

People will now be placing their bets as to whether Avatar 2 can pip Top Gun 2 for 2022 box office supremacy. And Black Panther 2 is another blockbuster that could potentially be a threat too.

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