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Will there be an Attack on Titan 2?

Will there be an Attack on Titan 2? Attack on Titan is thundering towards its conclusion, but could this dark and violent series get a sequel?

Attack on Titan sequel

Will there be an Attack on Titan 2? Attack on Titan is rumbling towards its dramatic conclusion, but fans of the anime series are already wondering if this is the last we’ve seen of the cannibalistic giants. Warning, spoilers for the ending of Attack on Titan are coming, so don’t read on if you don’t want anything revealed.

Set in a world where colossal humanoid monsters known as titans have devoured most of humanity and forced the survivors to live in a vast walled city on the island of Paradis, Attack on Titan is a bloody and brutal animated series.

Our heroes are Eren Yeager and his friends Armin Arlert and Mikasa Ackerman, three survivors of a titan attack that cost humanity one of their protective walls, and who joined the military to put an end to the titan threat once and for all. However, early in the series, Eren learns he has the power to turn into a titan and may be humanity’s greatest weapon against their large hungry foes.

So far, so Shounen, right? Well, this is where things take a turn. You see, in reality, the titans didn’t devour humanity. They’re actually normal people who’ve been turned into a sort of magical bio-weapon by a nation living across the sea, known as the Marleyans, who want to wipe out those living behind the walls. Brutal, dark, and cynical Attack on Titan pulls no punches offering a commentary on war, escalation, and racism.

Will there be an Attack on Titan sequel?

Attack on Titan ends with Eren – who’s since inherited godlike power by convincing the spirit of the original titan, Ymir, that only he can save the world – committing genocide against the people outside of the walls. His friends, horrified at what he’s doing, team up with the people of Marley to stop Eren once and for all.

Their last-ditch effort to stop Eren is successful and, with our former protagonist dead, taking the spirit of Ymir with him, all the titans across the world turn back into humans. That said, Eren did manage to wipe out 80% of the world’s population outside of the island, and a more militaristic government came to rule Paradis.

The manga ends with Mikasa burying Eren under his favourite tree, peace talks between Paradis and other nations beginning, as well as the suggestion that Eren’s war crimes were a clever ploy to unite the world against a greater threat. However, the series actually got a far darker ending in the form of an epilogue released when the final Attack on Titan volume was published.

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This new ending looks into the future of Paradis and shows that the peace Eren managed to create was short-lived. After a few generations, the island of Paradis was destroyed by its enemies. In the final shots, we see a child, who’s presumed to be an ancestor of Mikasa, stumbling through the wasteland of the island.

While making her way through a forest, she finds a tree that’s implied to be where Eren was buried. In the intervening years, the tree has grown to titanic proportions and resembles the tree where Ymir originally obtained her titan powers. The implication is that the titans will return to the world through this young girl.

So will we get a sequel? Honestly, we don’t know, but series creator Hajime Isayama has definitely left the door open for a sequel if he chooses to return to his dark universe. If you love anime, check out our list of the best anime movies.