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And Just Like That season 2 will address the show’s biggest criticism

Michael Patrick King says that he's taken criticisms of the first season of And Just Like That on board, and that season 2 will have "more sex and more city."

And Just Like That

Michael Patrick King, the showrunner of Sex and the City, has been speaking ahead of the And Just Like That season 2 release. He is aware of many of the criticisms of the first season and has addressed many of them in the second season.

Speaking to EW, King said; “A lot of season 2 is an address to the reaction to season 1 in my thought process. ‘Oh, it’s dark. Oh really? That’s necessary because the opposite of dark is light, so this [season] is light. And if that was winter, this is spring.’ I didn’t see one tweet and go, ‘Oh my God, I’ve got to change everything.’ It’s a zeitgeist feeling.”

Hopefully it will be more like the comedy series we know and love. King mentions And Just Like That is now returning to the ideas that made the original Sex and the City fun after such a dark period for Carrie. In the literal sense, “There’s sex and there’s city… There’s so many restaurants and there’s so much New York. It’s really more city than I’ve ever seen in the show.”

King concluded; “When Sex and the City was good, we showed four individuals all experiencing different versions of the same question, which is, how do you fulfill yourself? That’s what we’re doing now with even more characters.”

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Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) has been through a big change in the first season, with Mr Big passing away, and it looks as though she’ll be reuniting with Aidan (John Corbett) in season 2. Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) is in LA with her girlfriend Che Diaz, but King says she will make it back to New York during the season.

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