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Alan Rickman gave a classic Robin Williams movie a scathing review

In his diaries, Alan Rickman wrote about the classic Robin Williams movie Good Will Hunting. And, it's safe to say that he wasn't a fan.

Alan Rickman as Professor Snape in Harry Potter

The late Alan Rickman’s diaries are being published, and they include some expectedly entertaining stories. What is more expected, though, is that he also criticises a classic Robin Williams movie.

The diaries, which originally come in at 24 volumes, have been condensed into a book for publication titled, Madly, Deeply: The Alan Rickman Diaries. They are set to be published on October 4, and  contain Rickman’s musings on many of his projects (with lots being written during the filming of the Harry Potter movies).

As well as commenting on his daily activities, Rickman also dabbles in casual film criticism, making reflections on movies that he’s seen. One such movie is Good Will Hunting.

Revealed in an extract in The Guardian, Rickman has the following to say about the celebrated drama movie: “Ultimately a bit of a let down. Matt Damon is a really fine actor, however. But the film feels as if it is looking for a sense of purpose, or that it has too many. And Robin Williams is too sweet from the word go.”

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Of course, you have to respect the opinion of an actor of the calibre of Alan Rickman – but you don’t necessarily have to agree with him. Despite the harshness of his review, Good Will Hunting is generally considered to be a stone cold classic, and one of Robin Williams’s best performances – in fact, it was one of his roles that landed him with an Oscar.

Nevertheless, it’s clear that neither the movie, nor Williams’s performance in it, were Rickman’s cup of tea. Matt Damon, however, managed to escape his ire.

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