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Jim Carrey might do Ace Ventura 3 if Christopher Nolan directs

Jim Carrey has stated that he'd consider doing another Ace Ventura movie is celebrated director Christopher Nolan was involved as director

Jim Carrey in Ace Ventura, Christopher Nolan's Tenet

Jim Carrey was untouchable in the ’90s, making some of the best comedy movies of all time. In a new interview, he’s stated that he might consider going back to another of those classics, if the right kind of filmmaker was in the director’s chair.

“I think after the fact when there’s been a lot of years, unless some genius person, director, auteur comes to you with a completely new take on what’s going on, you know,” Carrey told E! News, when asked if he’d do any more legacy sequels to his films. “If Chris Nolan came to me and said ‘I want to make Ace Ventura real and I want to do something, you know, something more interesting…; then I might listen.”

He’s distinctly aware that it just wouldn’t be the same, though. “For the most part, you know, after a certain time, there’s not one cell in your body that is that person anymore,” he explains. “So you end up just imitating what you did in the old days, and the original inspiration isn’t there.”

Carrey’s already revisited one of his staples, with Dumb and Dumber To in 2014. While it was nice to see him reunited with Jeff Daniels, it was a pale shadow of their 1994 slapstick adventure movie.

His comments here are obviously tongue-in-cheek, but the sentiment rings true. Why do a sequel for the sake of it? If someone with a particular approach has a vision that works, then consider it letting new stuff happen.

Carrey seems secure in having moved on with his life and career, now promoting Sonic the Hedgehog 2. He plays Dr Robotnik in the family movies based on the beloved platforming character. Our Emma-Jane Betts found it one of the film’s highlights in her review: “seeing Jim Carrey fully embrace the mad Robotnik completely uninhibited is one of the most entertaining things I have seen so far this year.”

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is out now in theatres in the UK and on April 8 in the US.