Will there be an 1899 season 2?

1899 the new mind-bending Netflix series from the creators of Dark has taken the streaming service by storm and fans want to know if they'll be a second season

Will there be an 1899 season 2?

Will there be an 1899 season 2? 1899 is a mind-bending new Netflix series from the creators of Dark. Set in 1899 (Editor: who’d have thought it?) the TV series follows the steamship Kerberos as it makes its way from London to the bright lights of New York City.

Before the Kerberos can complete its journey, however, those aboard find a seemingly abandoned ship adrift at sea. As the crew and passengers try and work out what happened to this boat, they find themselves trapped in a terrifying mystery. 1899 has opened to rave reviews and ends with some mind-boggling reveals, so inevitably, fans want to know, ‘Will there be an 1899 season 2?’

Will there be an 1899 season 2?

At the time of writing, there are no official plans for 1899 season 2. That said, don’t lose all hope just yet; Netflix has been known to wait a few weeks (or even months) before greenlighting more of its most popular shows.

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Let’s not forget Netflix’s Sandman series debuted in August, but the streaming service didn’t officially announce Sandman season 2 until November, so there’s plenty of time for 1899 season 2 to get the go-ahead.

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