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Nic Cage and Unbearable Weight filmmakers all really like Paddington 2

Nicolas Cage, as well as the director and writer of The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, are all big fans of crying to Paddington 2

Paddington and Nic Cage

The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent is the ultimate male-bonding movie which focuses on the bromance between Nick Cage (a fictional version of Nicolas Cage) and Javi, a billionaire Nic Cage superfan who pays his hero $1 million to attend his birthday party. And of all the many things that they bond over, the one that perhaps makes the deepest impression is Paddington 2.

The comedy movie features a scene in which Javi confesses his love for the sequel to the heart-warming family movie; “I cried through the entire thing. It made me want to be a better man.” Pedro Pascal (who plays Javi) says; “This script made me watch Paddington 2 and I understand why it’s in the movie. It’s a great movie.”

Cage responds to Javi, saying that this must surely be bullsh*t, before the film cuts to Cage crying and declaring that “Paddington 2 is incredible.”  Cage told Entertainment Weekly, “I love that scene. My character thinks that (Paddington 2) is absolutely ridiculous. But what happens is he (Javi) is right about it, and he turns the Nick Cage character on to the joy of Paddington 2. It is actually quite wonderful. It is a good movie.”

“The movie (Paddington 2) is incredible,” says director Tom Gormican. “It’s a perfect movie. There’s no ‘landing’ on it.  It’s just that good. We were big fans. One of the things we said is that this film is sort of a celebration of Nic’s catalogue and incredible roles in different genres, a celebration of his career.”

“But we also wanted it to be a fun celebration of making things, of creating, making movies, and other movies that we love and we think are great, and that was one that stood out to us as an incredible movie. They have a very child-like relationship in the film and it was fun for them to be watching what’s essentially a kids’ movie and bonding with each other.”

“I did have a good friend of mine who had seen Paddington 2,” explains co-writer Kevin Etten. “He said to me, ‘It made me cry and made me want to be a better man,’ which we stole for the film. We are obviously huge fans as well.”

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