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Denzel Washington thinks this is the best scene in Training Day

Denzel Washington's opinion on the best scene in Training Day has been revealed by co-star Ethan Hawke, and it's a scene he isn't even in.

Denzel Washington as detective Alonso Harris in Training Day

Denzel Washington’s opinion on the best scene from his classic thriller movie Training Day has come to light, and it isn’t the King Kong monologue. In fact, it might shock some fans of the movie to discover that Washington’s pick for the best scene in the action drama movie is one that he isn’t even in.

Speaking to CinemaBlend, Washington’s co-star in the movie, Ethan Hawke, took the time to reflect on Training Day, and talked specifically about the scene where he is dragged to the bathtub, and threatened with a shotgun. In the scene, the actor’s character Jake begs for his life, before his would-be-murderer Smiley eventually discovers that the undercover cop saved his cousin from being assaulted. Smiley then lets Jake leave, after being impressed by his honesty and bravery.

Hawke spoke about the scene, and Washington’s reaction to it, saying that “I remember about that day, particularly, Denzel stopped by the set and he watched for a little while, and he went, ‘Damn! I’m not in the best scene in this movie.'”

While there’s a huge selection of potential scenes to choose from, the scene that Hawke talks about (and the scene that is Washington’s personal pick) is certainly up there as one of the best. The scene is an excellent example of the tension that is present throughout the whole movie, and also comes with a surprising touch of humanity.

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It’s also a testament to Hawke’s presence in the film, and while Washington won the Oscar for Best Actor for his role, Hawke was also nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his performance as Jake.

Training Day has a huge legacy, and a tremendous reputation. A prequel to the film is being made, titled Training Day: Day of the Riot, and audiences will hope that it can come close to matching the success of the original.

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