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Prepare for The Witcher season 3 with 19% off the entire book collection

Save over $25 on the full collection of Andrzej Sapkowski’s novels and short stories, and beat the spoilers

Henry Cavill as Geralt in The Witcher, with the character's trademark black eyes

Though the second season of Netflix’s epic fantasy series, The Witcher, has only just premiered, thirsty fans of the franchise are already eager to see what the third series has in store for Henry Cavill’s Geralt of Rivia. Luckily, if you’re not willing to wait another year to find out what everyone’s favourite brooding monster slayer will be battling next, you can pick up the complete Witcher book series for a total saving of 19% on Amazon.

Some fans of Andrzej Sapkowski’s book series have expressed their disappointment with the most recent season’s departure from the events of the books, particularly in relation to one of the new characters and the development of the plotline surrounding Yennefer and Ciri. However, so far, the critical response has been largely positive, with the second series garnering a score of 93% on Rotten Tomatoes compared to the first season’s 68%.

There are a total of eight books within the main series, containing six full-length novels, and two short story collections. But rather than starting with the first book to be published (Sword of Destiny), the reading order traditionally starts with the second short story collection, The Last Wish, which contains many of the on-screen adventures depicted in season one. Because, hey, it wouldn’t be The Witcher without some confusing chronology.

The books are also a great resource if you’ve struggled to wrap your head around the events of the series, as they offer greater context and more insight into the world of the Witchers of Kaer Morhen. Of course, you could buy all eight books in one set, but given that the current starting price on Amazon for the full paperback collection is $149.99, buying each book separately saves you nearly $40.

Here’s the list in reading order:

Though the release date for season three of The Witcher hasn’t yet been confirmed, both series so far have been released in December, so it’s fair to say you’ll likely have another year to work your way through the collection.