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The Wilds season 2 trailer teases more intense tribalism

A full-length trailer for season two of The Wilds has finally been released, ahead of its release on May 6 and it gives us our first proper look at the boys

The Wilds Season 2

The first full length trailer for The Wilds season 2 has finally dropped, with the season set to premiere on May 6. The big change from season one will be the introduction of a island full of boys, who are being experimented on by Gretchen and her mysterious organisation, as well as the girls.

The trailer opens with; “once upon a time, two plane crashes were staged, all of the victims were dosed and stranded on two islands, eight (girls) on one, and eight (boys) on the other, though that number was subject to change.”

The rest of the trailer flits between the ‘Dawn of Eve’ girls who we are familiar with, and their relationships – many of which have now broken down – and the ‘Twilight of Adam’ boys who “wanted to be men, but the truth is, some of us were becoming monsters.” We see Gretchen (Rachel Griffith) saying; “the boys were the perfect control group.” It’s only at the very end of the trailer that we see one of the girls and one of the boys interact.

Given that The Wilds, as well as the hit TV show Yellowjackets, and recent movies including obscure French film The Wild Boys (Betrand Mandico, 2017) and Mayday (Karen Cinorre, 2021) were all playing around with the idea of a group of girls being in a ‘Lord of the Flies’ type scenario, the introduction of boys to The Wilds will be sure to disappoint some fans. Of course, it remains to be seen how The Wilds will deal with the introduction of the boys and how this will affect the existing dynamic.

You can watch the trailer below;

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