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Matrix 4 now available to watch on HBO Max

The Matrix Resurrections is now available on HBO Max as well as in cinemas, including IMAX

The wait to go down the rabbit hole and wake up in an alternative dystopic reality is finally over, because The Matrix Resurrections is here! In cinemas, including IMAX, or even in the comfort of your own home – on HBO Max.

Some of us have been waiting for this moment for nearly twenty years and the excitement of seeing Keanu Reeves’ Neo and Carrie-Ann Moss’ Trinity return in a black-leather-clad, green-neon-infused, bullet-timed extravaganza is almost too much to bear.

The action movie also stars Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as Morpheus, Jonathan Groff as Smith, Jessica Henwick as Bugs, Neil Patrick Harris as The Analyst, Priyanka Chopra-Jones as Sati. Returning cast-members include Jada Pinkett-Smith as Niobe and Lambert Wilson as The Merovingian. Christina Ricci appears in a mystery role, as she has not appeared in any trailers or the film’s marketing.

The critical response has been pretty divided, with a nice 69% on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes. Angelica Jade Bastien says; “Teetering between a meta-reckoning with the legacy of the first trilogy and a sincere blooming of a whole new story that feels boldly romantic, Lana Wachowski’s first feature solo is a thrilling triumph.”

While Walter Chaw says; “The plot of Matrix 4 is essentially that conversation with the guy who’s way too stoned who has this great idea for a Matrix sequel.”

Our own Anthony McGlynn says that it has “a sense of one person using the greatest means at their disposal to bear their soul to the world, and that much alone makes it necessary.”

If you’ve left your Matrix rewatch until the last minute, find out how to watch the available films and series in order.

Whether a Matrix 5 is on the horizon remains to be seen, but until then, whether you’re watching it on IMAX or in the comfort of your own home on HBO Max, enjoy The Matrix Resurrections!