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Rings of Power: What is Theo’s broken sword?

The Rings of Power has plenty of mysteries, but one of its biggest, Theo's broken sword, has finally been uncovered, and now we know everything

Rings of Power: Theo holding the broken black sword

In the very first episode of The Rings of Power, one of the most mysterious plot lines in the fantasy series has revolved around a mysterious broken sword found in the Southlands. A young man, Theo, discovered the dark artefact, and now following the events of Rings of Power episode 6, we finally have some answers to what the heck it actually is.

For those of you who may not remember, Theo first found the broken black sword under the floorboards of a barn near the Southlander’s village. Since his discovery, we saw that blood activates the object, which regains its shape. We also know that it is this very sword that has put Theo and the other inhabitants of the Kingdom in the sight lights of the Orcs and the new Lord of the Rings character Adar.

So what is Theo’s broken sword’s true identity, why is it important, and why is Adar so keen to get it? We answer all your burning questions below.

What is the broken sword that Theo finds?

The broken sword originally belonged to Sauron and is a key that ultimately brings about the creation of Mordor. It is hinted that the sword was the weapon used by Sauron during the First Age in The War of Wrath, in which his master and the original dark Lord of Middle-earth Morgoth was defeated.

In The Rings of Power, we see that the sword isn’t a battle-used weapon anymore but is instead some sort of key. The Southland villager, Waldreg, in episode 6, stole the sword. Using his blood to restore its shape, he plunged it into the ground of the Southlands and began to turn it. As if it were a switch to a giant machine, the landscape changed, and a mountain erupted as a volcano. Meaning that the sword was the key to creating Mount Doom and Mordor itself.

While the ‘key’ status of the sword is confirmed, it is still unclear if it will be used again in the series or what its fate could be. Some theories state that it could become the Morgul blade, the sword carried by the Witch-king of Angmar. Could Sauron give it as a gift to either Theo or Halbrand once he reveals himself? We’ll keep you posted on any updates.

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Is Sauron’s sword magic?

While it isn’t confirmed, it is heavily hinted that Sauron’s sword is packed with some sort of power. The Southlands show a statue with Sauron holding the blade, and it seems like it has been imbued with his dark energy – just as the One Ring was to a greater extent in Peter Jackson’s Lord of The Rings movies.

In episode 6, Theo admits that he longs for the sword and how he was tempted by its power. I mean, come on, that is classic ‘One Ring’ Sauron influence. So, for now, we are pretty positive that, yes, the broken sword of Sauron does have some sort of magical properties.

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