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Bill Skarsgård to star in The Crow reboot

Star of the 2017 horror movie IT, Bill Skarsgård, has been cast as the leading role in the upcoming superhero movie reboot of The Crow

Bill Skarsgård to Star in The Crow reboot

The Long-awaited reboot of the 1994 hit fantasy movie, The Crow, has finally found its leading star. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Bill Skarsgård – best known for his performance as Pennywise in the horror movie IT – has been cast as the latex wearing Eric Draven, in the upcoming superhero movie.

Based on James O’ Barr’s ‘80s comic book of the same name, The Crow has had a long run in pop culture and on the big screen already. In 1994, Alex Proyas adapted the story, telling the tale of a Rockstar named Eric Draven, who is murdered along with his fiancé by a gang one fateful night. Eric is later resurrected by a mystical crow spirit and goes forth on a journey of revenge and justice. The ‘90s film was a mass success when it first released, earning $94 million at the box office and garnering a cult following after the tragic on-set death of actor Brandon Lee. However, since then, the IP has faced a rocky road.

In 2008, it was announced that the hit thriller movie would be getting the reboot treatment. After changing studio hands and effectively-being in production limbo for decades, it is a welcomed update for long time fans that Skarsgård has signed onto the project as the titular character.

Rupert Sanders (Ghost in the Shell) is set to helm the project, with Oscar-nominated writer Zach Baylin (King Richard), onboard to pen the script. The good news is that following the cast announcement, the film is well into pre-production and is set to begin shooting as early as June. We are optimistic that the movie will finally find its wings, considering the long journey this reboot has faced already.

The Crow reboot has already had multiple directors signed onto its production, such as Stephen Norrington (Blade), and F. Javier Gutiérrez (Rings). Similarly, Skarsgård wasn’t the only Eric cast, with stars Luke Evans and Jason Momoa considered for the role. Fingers crossed that this crew and cast for The Crow reboot stick around, and that the long-awaited film makes some solid progress going forward.

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