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The Boys: Could Soldier Boy kill Homelander?

Throughout The Boys, one thing has remained constant, Homelander's position at the top of the 'supe food chain' but we think Soldier Boy could kill him

Could Soldier Boy kill Homelander? Jensen Ackles in The Boys

Could Soldier Boy kill Homelander? Throughout The Boys, one thing has remained constant, Homelander’s position at the top of the ‘supe food chain’. Sure he may not be the most stable of people. Still, with all the powers of Superman and seemingly none of the weaknesses, he poses a literally unstoppable threat to Billy and his Boys, or at least he did (warning spoilers ahead).

The newest episode of The Boys, however, has thrown doubt on Homelander’s supposed invincibility courtesy of newcomer Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles) – a parody of the MCU character Captain America – who may have what it takes to bring down Vought’s psychotic Übermensch. So could Soldier Boy kill Homelander?

Well, to answer that question, we’ve done our best impression of Billy Butcher (don’t worry, we won’t start swearing at you), and gone digging into Soldier Boy’s history, powers, as well as his newly acquired abilities to work out if he’s got the juice to finally bring the caped cad to justice.

Could Soldier Boy kill Homelander?

Honestly, it certainly seems like he could. We learned in The Boys season 3 episode 5 that Soldier Boy can apparently take away other supes’ powers. He did this to Kimiko when he attacked her, taking away both her healing abilities and super strength.

In theory, then there’s nothing to stop Soldier Boy from taking away Homelander’s invulnerability and popping his head like a zit. Still, even without the ability to take away abilities granted by Compound V, people talk about Soldier Boy being the only Supe of comparable power to Homelander. So who knows, maybe he could have got the job done without his new powers?

The question is will Soldier Boy kill Homelander? Well, the answer right now seems to be ‘maybe’. He seems willing to team up with Butcher to get revenge on his former team, Payback, and we can’t imagine Billy’s helping him for free.

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What are Soldier Boy’s powers?

Soldier Boy originally possessed super strength, endurance and speed, thanks to taking Compound V. While imprisoned by Russians, however, experiments on his superhuman physiology have granted him a powerful new ability.

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He appears to be able to emit a radioactive blast from his body. While Soldier Boy hasn’t demonstrated great control over this new power, it’s extremely dangerous and capable of doing serious damage to a city block.

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This blast seemingly affects supes more than normal humans. From what we’ve seen so far, any super caught in the blast will have the Compound V in their system deactivated, and they will lose their powers.

Could Soldier Boy kill Homelander? Jensen Ackles in The Boys

Where has Soldier Boy been all this time?

As far as the public knew, Soldier Boy was dead, having sacrificed his life to stop a nuclear meltdown. This, however, was a cover story and he was, in fact, captured by the USSR during the height of the Cold War.

At first, his capture was believed to simply be opportunism from the Russians, but it was revealed Payback – Soldier Boy’s old team – had betrayed him.

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Soldier Boy was kept in a Russian lab for decades and experimented on in an attempt to unlock the secrets of Compound V. While it seems the Russians were unable to get their hands on Vought’s secrets, they did manage to power Soldier Boy up and create a small army of super-powered mice.

Eventually, Soldier Boy was accidentally freed by The Boys and made his way to America to take his revenge on the former members of Payback.