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Metallica gave Stranger Things crew an epic Master of Puppets gift

Metallica sent the Emmy-winning music supervisor of Stranger Things an epic gift to thank her for putting their song back on the map

Stranger Things

Music supervisor Nora Felder has just won an Emmy for Stranger Things season four, which is entirely unsurprising when you remember that Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill and Metallica’s Master of Puppets became the songs of the summer thanks to her handiwork. The songs, from 1985 and 1986, shot back up the charts and became phenomenally popular due to being featured in key sequences in the sci-fi series.

Speaking at the Emmys, Felder spoke about how Metallica have embraced their new, younger fanbase [via The Wrap]; “They sent me flowers. They sent me this incredible Master of Puppets box set, which I heard — you know, my son’s like, that’s worth $3,000! Their management has sent me notes on their behalf. And they’re lovely. They’re really lovely people.”

“I’m sure you’ve seen they’ve embraced everything. They’ve got lots of new fans and their older fans are kind of like, who are all these new people? And they’re like, everybody’s welcome in the Metallica family. It’s just wonderful that the music is just bringing people together.”

Regarding Kate Bush, Felder says; “She has reached out to the Duffer Brothers to say thank you for everything because she’s completely blown away, as you can imagine.”

As for why Bush’s song touched so many people, Felder said, “I think that many people feel like in the past few years that they’ve been running up this hill and having a really hard time getting to the top, and not even knowing how far the top is. And so I think a lot of people are relating to the song.”

“I think children having to go through a lots of feelings of isolation. And feeling like this song allows them to kind of express how they’re feeling. … All ages are loving it and I’m happy that it’s having another life and I’m hoping it keeps the door open to more timeless music.”

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