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Stephen Merchant says the best movie he made is really about Christmas

Stephen Merchant may be better known for his comedy work, but he insists that his best film is actually a Christmas movie in disguise.

Florence Pugh in Fighting With My Family

You probably know Stephen Merchant for his work on the comedy series The Office, but he’s also appeared in various movies and even wrote and directed a very good one – the sports movie Fighting With My Family. However, the man himself is insisting it’s actually a Christmas movie.


Fighting With My Family is about the world of wrestling, as Saraya ‘Paige’ Knight (Florence Pugh) attempts to make it professional, with the help (and at times hindrance) of her chaotic family. It also stars Dwayne Johnson, Vince Vaughn, comedy movie actor Nick Frost, and Game of Thrones star Lena Headey.

Now you might be wondering how this could possibly be a Christmas movie, but Merchant has a good argument, to be fair.

On his Twitter, Merchant popped up to say “I continue my single-handed campaign to make Fighting With My Family a Christmas movie.”

He quote-tweeted one of his previous tweets from 2020, where he said: “Heartwarming family story (tick), Festive costumes (tick) Wrestling match called the Christmassacre (tick). I’m starting campaign to make Fighting With My Family a Christmas movie.”

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He does have a point, and he’s also clearly not giving up on the idea either, so we may as well just accept it. Fighting With My Family is now a Christmas movie. It’s also a really good family movie to share with your nearest and dearest at any time of the year, though.