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Stephen King wants The Boogeyman director to remake this movie next

The Boogeyman from director Rob Savage impressed Stephen King so much, he's eager for them to do another horror movie together, and they've got one in mind.

Sophie Thatcher in The Boogeyman

There’s a new Stephen King adaptation coming out, called The Boogeyman. It’s one of the better horror movies based on the esteemed author’s work this century, and you can read why in our The Boogeyman review. The writer himself loves it, so much so he’s recommended the director, Rob savage, tackle more of his material.

Savage told The Digital Fix there’s one monster movie he has his eyes on if he can do another King film. “I want to do an adaptation of The Langoliers and I don’t care who knows it,” he says. “One of his best short stories, but a great take on it. It’s been made into a TV movie, a while ago, but that is by no means the definitive version of it. That’s the one, if I could do one more.”

The idea has been discussed, and King himself has given his blessing. “He emailed me saying ‘we should work together on something.’ And I immediately was like, ‘I want to adapt The Langoliers’, and he was really enthusiastic about that,” Savage revealed to The Kingcast.

Unfortunately, before we get too excited, this one might be tricky. To put it simply, rights to The Langoliers have become complicated. There was an adaptation during the ’90s, a two-part TV series directed by Tom Holland.

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Since then, as is sometimes the case, who actually holds the license to the story has become murky. Neither Savage nor King have a straight answer, making it trickier to get something like this moving. Included in the Four Past Midnight anthology, The Langoliers follows a flight that mysteriously winds up trapped a few minutes in the past.

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While exploring the completely empty landscape, the passengers gradually realize something’s coming for them – the dreaded Langoliers, creatures that literally eat through time. The tale’s a nail-biting one, and the while the ’90s TV show isn’t bad, there’s more potential there for sure.

While we hope for the best on that, The Boogeyman arrives in theatres June 2. We spoke to Chris Messina, who’s one of the stars of the film, as well. Our best movies list has plenty of great entertainment to check out iff you want something less spine-chilling.