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New Star Wars book answers yet another question from Rise of Skywalker

A new Star Wars book fills in some plot holes from The Rise of Skywalker, particularly around the fate of Rey's parents in the sci-fi movie

Daisy Ridley as Rey in Star Wars

All the best movies need a book to accompany them and fill in all the plot holes, don’t they? Well, when it comes to the most recent instalment in the Star Wars saga, that seems to be the case, as yet another big question from The Rise of Skywalker has been answered retrospectively by a book.

The Rise of Skywalker was the ninth and final instalment of the main Star Wars timeline, also known as the Skywalker Saga, and frankly, it wasn’t a very good movie at all. Plot holes aplenty, cringeworthy dialogue, and a general lack of cohesiveness with the previous Star Wars movies. Sigh!

Most crucially, the lineage of the main Star Wars character of the new trilogy, Rey, was mishandled pretty catastrophically. Not only did Rey somehow turn out to be a descendent of Palpatine, but the brief insight into her parents was so scant that viewers barely had a chance to make sense of their tragic fate. Now, a new Star Wars book has shed some light on the matter.

The book, titled Shadow of the Sith, which is set 13 years before The Force Awakens, reveals the names of Rey’s parents to be Dathan and Miramir. More importantly, it also explained how Ochi of Bestoon, the bounty hunter sent to retrieve Rey, was able to miss her on Jakku.

Turns out he wasn’t just a really bad hunter, but was fooled by a clever trick from Miramir, Rey’s mother. You see, although they left Rey on Jakku, Miramir actually made sure she was wearing a necklace native to the planet Pasaana when Ochi found her.

This encouraged Ochi to forget all about Jakku and leave Rey safely hidden there, while he ventured over to Pasaana on a wild goose chase. Of course, Ochi would then meet his maker on Pasaana, after being trapped in the sinking sands.

As for the vision of Ochi’s ship when Rey had a flashback to her parents leaving her, that is explained too. It was her parents flying that ship, after they stole it from the assassin. There we go, The Rise of Skywalker now makes perfect sense, right?