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Star Trek Picard production designer has an answer to fan criticisms

Dave Blass, the production designer of Star Trek Picard, has used clips from Star Trek Voyager to explain how the holodecks still have power on the ship.

Star Trek Picard

In his Star Trek Picard season 3 episode 4 recap, our reviewer singled out the show’s production design for praise, “giving some plaudits to some of the excellent set design that’s gone into the show.” However, the fact that the Holodeck was still working on the USS Titan after the rest of the ship had lost power was a plot point that left some fans puzzled.

Our reviewer continued in his praise of the production design by saying; “Everything about the USS Titan is crafted with thoughtfulness and care for detail, from the quarters with nifty desks at the foot of the bed, to the beautiful observation lounge where Riker tries to record his message to his Imzadi. There are wonderful details scattered throughout, and it’s the first time a starship in Star Trek Picard has really felt like a starship.”

However, production designer Dave Blass took to Twitter to address fans’ concerns; “Lots of folks concerned about why the power is on in the Holodeck and not the rest of the ship. Let’s take a trip to visit with our friends on the USS Voyager to learn a bit about Holodecks and power.”

Blass then linked to a video in which Captain Janeway from Star Trek series, Voyager, can be heard saying; “the only systems we still have access to are the ones with independent power sources; shuttlecraft, life support, the holodecks” and in another episode she says; “have you had any luck getting power from the holodeck reactors?” and gets the reply; “the holodeck’s energy matrix isn’t compatible with the other power systems.”

In a third clip, Seven of Nine says; “independent sub-systems are operational; environmental controls, holodecks. Reroute power from this holodeck to the emergency relays.” This gets the response; “no luck.”

So, this all clears up the fact that Holodecks have had their own power supplies throughout Star Trek history, helping to explain how the Holodeck is still running on the Titan despite its loss of energy. In the episode itself, Picard gives a brief explanation on this too stating that the Holodeck system has its own independent power supply. So that seems to clear that up. You also may be wondering how many episodes of Star Trek Picard season 3 there will be, and we have you covered there too.

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