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Morbius reportedly hitting VOD on May 19

We may know when Sony's new Spider-Man spin-off, Jared Leto's critically reviled monster movie Morbius, is heading to video-on-demand

Jared Leto as Morbius

We may know when Sony’s new Spider-Man spin-off, the monster movie Morbius, is heading to VOD. According to the Indian ticketing website, Book My Show, the horror movie will hit video-on-demand on May 19.

To be honest, though, you might want to get out the garlic to stop Morbius from getting into your house because this vampire movie sucks. Our own Jakob Barnes went to see it and gave the film The Digital Fix’s first and only one-star review. Barnes described the Jared Leto led action movie as “a failure in the fundamentals of filmmaking” and criticised its messy visuals, bland action, and hammy acting.

He’s far from the only critic to drive a stake through Morbius’s heart. The film scored just 16% on Rotten Tomatoes, with the critic’s consensus reading that the film is “cursed with uninspired effects, rote performances, and a borderline nonsensical story.” Still, general cinema-goers seem to have liked it, and it’s actually got a 71% audience score which isn’t bad at all. I mean, it’s wrong, but it’s not a bad score.

I’m afraid the proof of Morbius’s popularity is in the box office pudding. The film grossed more than $156 million worldwide, making it the eighth highest-grossing film of 2022.

Do you know what that means? We can expect ‘more-bius’ from the living vampire in the future! I bet no one’s made that joke before. If you want to learn more about this nightmare of a superhero movie, you can check out our Morbius review in full here.