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Viral marketing for new horror movie Smile is terrifying everyone

The new horror movie Smile has unleashed a bold and creepy new creative marketing campaign, and it's probably going to freak you out.

Smile horror movie viral marketing

A new horror movie, Smile, has one of the most creative marketing campaigns that we’ve seen in a while. But, be warned. This could seriously creep you out.

Smile is an upcoming horror movie, which was originally set to release on streaming service Paramount Plus. However, following positive test audience reactions, the movie was movie to a theatrical release. That’s all pretty normal stuff, so far, but what’s a bit more out of the ordinary is the marketing campaign.

The horror movie’s marketing campaign sees sees actors dotted around a baseballs stadium during a game in America, placed specifically to stare into the cameras with a wide, creepy smile. Anyone watching live, or watching the footage back, will have noticed the smilers. We’re going to guess that they probably didn’t have a great sleep, afterwards.

You can check out the images of the smilers below:

Once you’ve seen the trailer for the movie, the marketing campaign will probably start to make much more sense. The trailer shows Rose, a psychologist, falling victim to people with terrifying smiles. That might not sound too scary, but trust us, it is actually pretty freaky.

YouTube Thumbnail

The movie seems to be some form of hybrid between It Follows and The Ring. While it doesn’t look like the most innovative horror movie, relying on plenty of well-worn tropes, it does appear that it’s set to be a lot of spooky fun. With Halloween right around the corner, that’s exactly what we need.

You can catch the movie when it debuts in theatres on September 30.

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