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It’s official, sloths are on the best movie villains list now

We've recently seen killer lions, killer Winnie-the-Poohs, and killer Cocaine Bears. But a new slasher horror villain is on the loose, and it's a sloth.


Some of the best horror movies of all time have featured animal villains – just look at Jaws, The Birds, Arachnophobia, or Anaconda, and more recently we’ve had The Meg, the alligators of Crawl, the lion of Beast, and lest we forget – a Cocaine Bear. But what you probably didn’t have on your bingo card is killer…sloths? That’s right, your latest horror movie villain is one of the slowest animals on earth, and it’s coming in new movie Slotherhouse.

The comedy horror movie will hit theaters nationwide on August 30, and has probably taken some inspiration from Winnie-the-Pooh: Blood and Honey and some other unlikely contenders for the best movie villain list.

According to Variety, Slotherhouse tells the story of college senior Emily Young, who adopts an adorable sloth as her sorority house’s new mascot. She names the animal Alpha and the new pet is a beloved addition to the sorority. That is until a series of deaths point toward the sloth as the prime murder suspect.

“Slotherhouse is a movie that embodies the reckless abandon genre films can bring to the table. It scratches the sloth itch we didn’t know we had! Our team is thrilled to work on a project that really goes for it, claws and all,” said Nick Royak of Iconic Events Releasing.

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College fraternities and sororities made for great horror movie settings, even without the presence of a killer sloth. There’s Scream 2, Pledge Night, Black Christmas, Frat House Massacre, Haunting on Fraternity Row, and The House on Sorority Row – to name just a few.

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