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Al Pacino didn’t know he had a Shrek phone case

The saga of Al Pacino's iconic Shrek phone case continues, as the legendary actor reveals he didn't even know it was a Shrek phone case

Al Pacino in Scent of a Woman

We all remember the incredible moment when it was revealed that Al Pacino, the legendary actor behind some of the best movies of all time, had a Shrek phone case, right? The internet was such a happy place for that short period of time, when it seemed Pacino was paying the utmost respect to the animated movie icon.

After being pictured having dinner and drinks with a few friends, eagle eyed social media browsers spotted the fact that Pacino’s mobile phone had a case on it which was adorned with the face of the big, green ogre from the 2000s movies. Naturally, Shrek and the folk at DreamWorks then returned the favour and revealed that Shrek himself had an Al Pacino phone case.

Fun times! Well, in an interview with NBC News recently, Pacino admitted he didn’t even realise he had a Shrek phone case, insisting that it was simply a gift from his daughter. It’s a super sweet story, actually, and while we loved the idea that Pacino was recognising the legacy of Shrek, this is just as cool.

The interviewer Harry Smith holds up a phone with the case in question, which sparks laughter from Pacino and his fellow actor Robert De Niro.

“The famous phone! My daughter gave me that,” Pacino explained. “My youngest daughter put that on my phone. I didn’t even look at it, until social media told me what was on my phone.”

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“I took a look and I was like ‘Oh, that’s Shrek,'” Pacino said. When asked about the fact he still uses the case, he smiles and replies, “Of course, it was a gift.”

See, while the idea of Al Pacino, the man who has starred in some of the best action movies and thriller movies of all time, had some deep love for Shrek, we think it’s even better that he simply has a deep love for his children.