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Al Pacino is a Shrek fan, and the internet loves it

Al Pacino is one of our greatest living actors but a recent photo seems to show he's a huge Shrek fan and the internet can't believe it

Al Pacino is a Shrek fan

Al Pacino is one of our greatest living actors. The veteran performer has starred in some of the best movies ever made, he’s one of only 29 actors to win the Triple Crown of Acting (that’s winning an Oscar, Emmy, and Tony Award in the acting categories), and he sang the Dunkaccino song for Adam Sandler.

It seems, though, that game recognises game because the internet has convinced itself that Pacino is a huge fan of the animated movie Shrek. Why? Jason Momoa shared a picture on Instagram this weekend of Pacino sitting eating dinner with a group of people. A normal photo, right? Well, eagle-eyed fans spotted something odd in the photo.

In front of Pacino is a phone, which isn’t out of the ordinary. The case, however, has raised a few eyebrows online. You see, it’s plastered with several images of Shrek’s big, green, grimacing face. Now, it’s worth noting that we can’t confirm it is Pacino’s phone, but how often do you sit with someone else’s mobile in front of you?

Social media users couldn’t help but share their thoughts…

Other circumstantial evidence that the phone does indeed belong to The Godfather star include the wired headphones – which Pacino is known to use – and a picture of him where you can see the little ogre peeking of his pocket.

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