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Spiral co-writer teases John Kramer return in next Saw movie

Josh Stolberg, co-writer of Spiral, says the next Saw movie will please John Kramer fans


One of the writers of Spiral: The Book of Saw has teased the next sequel in the horror movie franchise. The script for the thriller movie is in progress, and apparently it’s going to please long-time fans.

Josh Stolberg, co-writer on Spiral and 2017’s Jigsaw, posted an update on the status of the next Saw on Twitter. “Back with my horror family, polishing up the next Saw script,” Stolberg wrote. “I could tell you there will be blood, but you know that already. What I can promise you is that this is gonna make John Kramer fans very happy!” Accompanying the tweet is an image of Stolberg with recurring collaborator Peter Goldfinger, and Saw producers Mark Burg and Oren Koules.

Hearing another Saw feature is in the works is exciting as is, but it’s doubly so with the mention of John Kramer. If you haven’t kept up with the films, John died in Saw 3, but has still been a part of almost every instalment because of flashbacks and other, often convoluted methods.

The suggestion of John is interesting because he wasn’t involved in Spiral, which had a Jigsaw copycat running rampant. We’ll have to see what the filmmakers have in store for us and John once the movie is out.

The tenth chapter in the Saw series has yet to be formally greenlit, but Stolberg’s post is an auspicious sign. Despite releasing amid Covid-19 restrictions, Spiral managed to make over $40 million at the box office, proving there’s still interest in seeing people get stuck in sadistic traps.

We’ll keep you posted on Saw 10 – in the meantime, check out the best horror movies of 2021.