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Russell Crowe reacts to his bizarre superhero movie record

The internet has realized that Russell Crowe is a super Daddy, and he's more than happy to claim the title of most fertile man in the universe.

Russell Crowe

“Daddy” has become a popular way to describe the latest ‘internet boyfriends’ – with Pedro Pascal, in particular, unable to escape the word in every single interview he ever does. But one man has become the official Daddy of multiple superhero universes – and that man is burly, beardy Antipodean Russell Crowe.

Crowe is one of several actors who bestrides both Marvel and DC. He played the father of Henry Cavill’s Kal-El in Superman movie Man of Steel – a story which was made more heartwarming because the two actors had first met when Crowe was filming at Cavill’s school. Crowe went on to encourage the young Henry’s acting ambitions.

Crowe also recently played Zeus in Marvel’s Thor 4, and was revealed to be the father of Hercules (Brett Goldstein). And in the upcoming Kraven the Hunter – Crowe once again plays the father of the titular character, who is portrayed by Aaron Taylor-Johnson. Kraven the Hunter exists in a sort of Marvel no man’s land – not part of the MCU – but part of Sony’s roster of characters which includes Venom, Madame Web, and other villains who are associated with Spider-Man.

Crowe recently responded to a tweet in which it was pointed out that he’s the father of Superman, Hercules and Kraven the Hunter. He said; “Fertile. Across time and space…”

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Crowe is not limiting himself just to superhero blockbuster fare these days. He recently played The Pope’s Exorcist in his first horror movie and struck a fine figure on a Vespa. He also co-starred with Zac Efron in movie based on a true story The Greatest Beer Run Ever.

The Pope’s Exorcist must have given Crowe the taste for horror movies, as he’ll soon be seen in The Georgetown Project alongside Avatar’s Sam Worthington. Check out our guide to the best superhero movies – to see where else Crowe could pop up as a Super Daddy.