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What your favourite TV characters look like as Pokemon

A new tool lets you turn any TV character you like into one of the monsters from Pokemon, and you can try it out on yourself too if you fancy

Artificial intelligence has many uses, including what the stars of your favourite TV series might look like as Pokemon. A new piece of software will take the name of anyone you like, and return a pocket monster randomly generated to be their counter-part for the anime series or RPG games.

We fed it a bunch of iconic characters, like Tony Soprano and Walter White. They don’t exactly look too much like their live-action counterparts, but there are some commonalities. Walter’s Pokemon has a round, hairless head, with a torso that looks sort of like a button-up shirt if you squint. Tony’s just a big, broad-shouldered looking guy that you don’t want to mess with. Definitely has the spirit down.

Our Bojack Horseman and Fleabag turned out a bit less humanoid. Fleabag like some Eeveelution from the void itself, carrying a distinctly ominous shadow around on one side. Bojack seems happier as a small, red and blur coloured dog to be honest. The last one we tried is Liz Lemon from 30 Rock, who became a beautiful, graceful beast with a floating tail. Good for her!

You can create your own masterpieces through the software on Github. It’s made by Justin Pinkney at Lambda Labs, who trained it on high definition images of all the known Pokemon. Check out a few of our creations below:

You can fiddle with some settings to make more creations, depending on how daring you want to get. Become the Doctor Frankenstein of algorithm Pokemon, you have our full endorsement. You can also throw your name in there and see what mutation emerges.

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