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Masters of the Universe: Revelation trailer gives Netflix the power

He-Man is back to fight for Eternia

He-Man and Skeletor are coming to Netflix later this year for Masters of the Universe: Revelation. The trailer for part one has been released, and it absolutely has the power.

A sequel to the original series, Revelation takes place sometime after He-Man and Skeletor have their final battle. The Sword of Power is lost, and Teela (Sarah Michelle Gellar), a former guard at Castle Grayskull, is trying to find it, to stop what’s happened to Eternia happening to the rest of the universe. Mark Hamill voices Skeletor, and Chris Wood provides the voice for Prince Adam/He-Man.

Many recognisable characters appear in the trailer, from Battle Cat to Orko, Man-at-Arms, Teela, and more, promising a well-rounded trip down memory lane for any ’80s kids. That said, it’s the standard of animation that’s the central hero. All the colours are strong and vibrant, lighting effects produce a genuine glow, magical powers have a CG-infused aura, and that’s before mentioning the absolutely dazzling transformation sequence. Cor! Bonnie Tyler’s ‘Holding Out For A Hero’ soundtracks the whole thing, because truly, we all need a hero, and Prince Adam looks to be our man.

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Kevin Smith, of Clerks, Mallrats, and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back fame, is showrunner, and one of the executive producers. Masters of the Universe: Revelation is the second incarnation of the property from Netflix, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power ran for five seasons between 2018 and 2020, and another CG show aimed at younger children is on the way.

Whatever else it may be, it should at least be better than the 1987 live-action adventure movie. Masters of the Universe: Revelation, Part 1, containing five episodes, will arrive on Netflix July 23, 2021.