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Tom Hanks thinks Marvel movies are ‘quite good’

Tom Hanks has taken the radical, controversial step of describing the many Marvel Cinematic Universe superhero movies as 'quite good'

Tom Hanks gives thoughts on MCU: Tom Hanks in Sully

Tom Hanks has given his opinion on the Marvel movies, and it turns out that he thinks they’re ‘quite good’. The actor was speaking to Josh Horowitz on the Happy sad confused podcast when he gave his opinion on the superhero movies series.

When speaking about the franchise, he said that he had seen some (but not all) of the action movies, and he singled out the performance of the MCU’s actors for particular praise. He said “I’ve never come away from [an MCU movie] without thinking ‘there’s a couple of great performances in there’. Those people gave their all. I don’t know how they do that. I do not know.”

He continued, reflecting on the movies as a whole stating his opinion that “after that, it’s like you know… I can tell you: all of them are quite good. They’re all quite good.”

It’s difficult to disagree too much with Hanks’ assessment of the MCU movies. Most of the MCU franchise does typically fall into the bracket of ‘quite good’.

Of course, there are some exceptions on either side. Films like Avengers: Infinity War and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and Thor Ragnarok are generally regarded as being great superhero movies that really are beyond ‘quite good’. On the other hand, there are some like Iron Man 2, Thor 2, and Black Widow that struggle to even reach the ‘quite good’ threshold.

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One way that Hanks could elevate the MCU himself, and push it beyond the ‘quite good’ mark is by getting involved too. There would undoubtedly be space for him somewhere within the cast. For example, Kevin Feige could do a lot worse than casting the actor as Doctor Doom, and there would surely be somewhere that he could fit in the MCU’s X-Men movies.

If, like Hanks, you believe that the Marvel movies are just ‘quite good’, then why not push yourself and check out our definitive guide to the best movies of all time.