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Oscar Isaac says it’s OK for fans to call him Daddy

On a press tour for Moon Knight, a Chinese outlet (of all things) informed Oscar Isaac that his fans like to call him Daddy. And Oscar Isaac is OK with that.

Oscar Isaac Daddy

Stan culture comes with its own language, much of which is not suitable for work of course. From such phrases as “step on me” and “run me over” being positive things, to calling people King, Queen, Mommy or Daddy – social media can be a confusing landscape of words that can change meaning rapidly.

After not having the best experience with Disney on the Star Wars sequels, Oscar Isaac has surprisingly dipped his toe into their waters once more, making his MCU debut in Moon Knight. It is likely that a large part of the appeal is that this is a limited series, and therefore Isaac will not be making that huge of a commitment.

But with properties as huge as Star Wars or Marvel, monster-sized press tours come along with them. They are likely to get boring and repetitive, so stars are probably grateful for the occasional bit of spice. For Isaac, that surprisingly came in China, where he was asked if he is aware that his fans might like to refer to him as Daddy.

Isaac responded; “I didn’t know the fans called me Daddy, but that’s okay, you can call me Daddy if you want to… I don’t mind.” But the question remains, when is Isaac at his Daddiest? While we dug Poe Dameron, he was definitely not a Daddy. 2011 provided two early Daddies for Isaac – Blue Jones in Sucker Punch and Standard in Drive. Llewyn Davis? Definitely not a Daddy. Nathan in Ex Machina – strong Daddy vibes.

But 2021 provided us with the biggest Daddy of them all – Daddy Dune himself – Duke (that’s right) Leto Atreides. The salt-and-pepper beard, the commanding stare, and being a literal Daddy to little Timmy Chalamet. Dad vibes absolutely off the charts. As for Isaac’s multiple roles on Disney Plus right now? Steven Grant – definitely not a Daddy. Moon Knight though? Ding Ding Ding.

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