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You can rent Morbius DVDs at Blockbuster like it’s 2002

The world's Last Blockbuster store has a healthy stock of Morbius DVDs and a few Blu-Rays that you can rent and imagine you're living in 2002


You may or may not be aware that there is one remaining Blockbuster store open in the world. It’s in Oregon, and was (ironically) the subject of a Netflix documentary called The Last Blockbuster. They currently have a wall of DVDs and Blu-Rays on offer featuring recent titles such as Licorice Pizza, Many Saints of Newark, Last Night in Soho, and the hit movie of the summer – Morbius.

There’s something so fitting about being able to say; “It’s Morbin’ Time” in a Blockbuster Video like it’s 2002, as the movie itself feels like a throwback to two decades ago. After a somewhat disappointing $160 million at the box office (compared with Venom 2’s $500 million), Morbius has received a curious second-life on VOD and…in the world of memes.

Twitter user Don McHoull provided the update on how Morbius is doing at the last Blockbuster, where it looks like they only have two Blu-Ray copies, and 14 DVDs available; “The last Blockbuster has 16 copies of Morbius to rent, with six currently rented.”

McHoull obviously frequents the few remaining video stores in North America frequently, as he also says; “If there’s a video store with more copies of Morbius out there, I’d bet on the last Jumbo Video. It had 13 copies of Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard when I visited it last year.” Jumbo Video was a Canadian chain and the last remaining store is in London Ontario.

You can see Don McHoull’s tweet and count the copies of Morbius yourself below;

While VHS hasn’t had quite the same resurgence as vinyl, there are still collectors out there. And obviously, there are also lots of people who still care about acquiring physical copies of their favourite movies on Blu, or 4K or whatever the latest format is.

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