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Hawkeye almost kills the Avengers in hilarious viral video

A new fan edit of The Avengers shows us all how lucky the Marvel Cinematic Universe is that Hawkeye is actually decent with a bow and arrow

Hawkeye in The Avengers

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is filled with talented superheroes, but have you ever thought about what would happen if the Avengers messed up while saving the day? Well, thanks to an impressive fan edit of the Marvel movie, Avengers, we now know what would have happened if Hawkeye had missed all of his shots.

Clint Barton, known as the hero Hawkeye, has gone down as the bow and arrow expert of the MCU. The marksman rarely misses his target and has used his archery skills to help the Avengers save the world many a time. However, in a newly released fan edit by the YouTube channel yo chill bruh, of the final battle in the 2012 superhero movie The Avengers, we can see just how dangerous a ‘bad shooting day’ for Hawkeye can be.

In the video, we see the gang trying to stop the Marvel villains Loki and the Chitauri from taking over New York City. And in a hilarious, albeit dark turn of events, Hawkeye’s kill count in the fight is five. Unluckily, four of those kills were fellow Avengers shot by mistake instead of the baddies.

A civilian takes an arrow to the eye, as does Captain America, Thor gets shot in the chest (he is a God, though, so he carries on), Ironman is pierced through the head, and Black Widow is also a fatal casualty. The clip ends with Hawkeye eating at a Shawarma restaurant all by himself.

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The funny video has already gone viral, with over a whopping 31k of retweets over on Twitter. But, despite its immense popularity, let’s be honest; we are pretty happy that this grim bad shooting fiasco wasn’t a reality in the flick.

You can now watch all of the Avengers movies on the streaming service Disney Plus. For more awesome content, here is our guide to Marvel Phase 5.