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Eros creator doesn’t know what MCU will do with Harry Styles next

Jim Starlin is the creator of several memorable Marvel characters like Thanos, Shang-Chi, and Eros — but even he doesn't know where Eros will go next

Harry Styles in Eternals

MCU fans were thrilled when, during the Eternals post-credit scene, Eros and Pip made their first on-screen appearance. Not only that, but Eros, the brother of Marvel villain Thanos, was being played by none other than Don’t Worry Darling star Harry Styles.

As the creator of Eros, you might’ve thought that comic book artist Jim Starlin was at the heart of the character’s MCU Phase 4 debut and future in the cinematic universe. Yet, as revealed in an interview with Inverse, he knows about as much about what’s going on as the rest of us.

“I knew Eros was coming, but I didn’t know about Pip, which is really surprising and funny because for the last three or four years, every time I see Kevin Feige, I’ve lobbied to get Pip in there,” he said. “[Feige] never said a word. He’s very close-lipped.” He added, “There were rumours, and you hear enough stuff. They didn’t tell me anything. They never tell me anything directly.”

He continued, ” Pip will be the comic relief. He’s also a teleporter and that brings in all sorts of possibilities. Eros, on the other hand, he’s an interesting one. I have no idea what they’re going to do with him. I sort of left him as a sociopath and he is sort of a sexual predator. So I’ll be curious to see how the MCU Eros fares up against the other one. Especially in this day and age. So that’s always a tricky one.”

If Eros does show up in a future Marvel movie, Starlin thinks that he won’t arrive alone. As the creator of Adam Warlock, who also made their MCU debut in the Eternals played by Kit Harrington, Starlin said he was interested in seeing how both Eros’ and Warlock’s character journeys blend together.

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“I think they’re planning on starting [Eros] off without Thanos,” he explained. “Thanos and Warlock also have a lot in common and have an association, and they got a fairly good star for Adam Warlock. I doubt if he’s going to be in just this one movie.”

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